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black and white portrait of Kaj Sennelöv holding an old bulls-eye camera.

Kaj Sennelöv

Hello, my name is Kaj. I was born and raised in Belgium, but I also have Swedish and Norwegian roots. This has lead to a strong love for Scandinavia and especially its nature.
In daily life I’m a masters degree student in Industrial Design. Whenever I can, I use photography as a medium to express myself.


When photography became a bigger part of my life, I decided it was time to come up with a brand name. One night a friend and I invented it - Snaplöv was born! But a good brand needs a logo. Michelle Miesel, a fellow exchange student during my time in Rovaniemi, designed mine. (Like it? Make sure to check out her work!) After that, I started designing and coding the website using Themes Juice template.


What I love about photography is the ability to pass on knowledge trough a single picture. Nature is my main source of inspiration, from deep within the forgotten forests to rarely visited mountaintops. Through my pictures I want to pass on how I felt like while taking them.


Back in 2013 I bought my first secondhand DSLR camera and one year later a secondhand full frame DSLR followed. I learned most of my post processing skills through friends, articles and YouTube.
In 2015 I won my first photography competition. Later that year another picture was featured in an article about Lapland in National Geographic Traveler Spain.
I am not yet sure what 2016 will bring, but I will make the best of it!


Currently I am very busy with my studies, therefor I can't take on too many jobs. Nevertheless, I am always open for new projects. If you are interested in using one of my pictures, you can always send me a message. I will gladly answer any questions and help you in any way possible.


A small selection of my work over the years

Photo of winter in Leirikari, Rovaniemi.


Photo of a sunset landscape in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Midnight sun

Photo of a reindeer walking trough Finnish woods.

Out for a walk

Photo of a canal in Amsterdam


Photo of a stone stair leading upwards in a forest.

Are you coming to the tree? II

Photo of northern lights above a snowy forest in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Dancing in the forest

Photo of a reindeer race in downtown Rovaniemi, Finland.

Run poro, run!

Photo of a fjord as seen from Bjerkvik, Norway.

On the road


A project is not only about the images you take, it's also about the connection you make with the people you work with

  • "The image is really great!!! Congratulations for your work!!!"

    Marta Cuadras Palleja

    On October the 6th, 2015

    About the picture "Home", published in National Geographic Viajes, issue n°188 p. 56-57.

  • “The subject is obviously putting herself out of her comfort zone.. Which is what adventure is all about.. I love how she is looking over the edge into such an amazing landscape.. The subject draws my eyes into the frame and adds so much more power to this already powerful landscape. It makes me want to explore and to push myself to new heights, that I may not be comfortable experiencing.. Awesome”

    Theodore Barrett Van Orman

    July the 28th, 2015

    About the picture "Scared of heigths?", voted runner-up for this viewbug competition.

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Logo of 3D Trophy Factory, an Antwerp based award designing company.

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